Every year thousands of tour groups visit the Holy Land and marvel at the rich Biblical history engraved on ancient stones. In our day however, the God of Israel is raising up a Body of Living Stones!

We would like to welcome you to our home for a time of worship and fellowship!

Forge new relationships and create lifelong memories!

Come away for a while to a quiet place!

Be refreshed by the sound of Gabriela’s harp and the breathtaking view of the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan Valley.

Meet some of the local artists and get a firsthand account of life in Israel and the current events in the Middle East, from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Learn how you can pray for Israel and join us in interceding for the Land and the people.

The Galilee Gallery


After a time of worship and fellowship, guests are invited to browse the unique Art Gallery attached to our home.

Here you will find a variety of original art work – beautiful gifts and treasures created by various Messianic artists.